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Project Newsense is the creative non-profit. 
We serve inner-city youth providing resources and
opportunities for creatives and budding entrepreneurs

HTKY Prekill Vol 1 
the first volume defining the series get a glimpse into the growth that entrepreneurship provides.

Our work is that of cultivating the mindset of entrepreneurship. This is where creativity begins and the skill of thinking strengthens.

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Finding My Niche #Prekill

There were massive amounts that I had to unlearn in order to move forward. It’s funny how clarity becomes a close friend once your daily work doesn’t solely involve making a dollar. Of course, we’re in business to make money, but we are also in business to create at a level that protects our ability to make money.

Mental Heavyweight #Prekill

The knowledge of becoming is the same knowledge that knowing is made up of. I feel like I’ve always known, not from a narcissist’s POV. More from an understanding that I cannot live a life leading to nowhere, if I don’t reach my potential then I’m doing all this for nothing.

There Will Be Fights #Prekill

This notion that no friction will exist while you go for it. I laugh during[…]