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$500 Hat #Prekill

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$500 Hat #Prekill

I was on Instagram (how every bad story starts) and came across a gentleman with a very nice fedora on standing in front of a Rolls-Royce. Not really one to pass up interesting things on my explore page, I decided to get a closer look. As I looked deeper into his page and paid close attention to his marketing I noticed that most (i.e. all) of his photos featured black people many of them celebrities. I thought to myself this is awesome, this dude is killing it and selling these dope ass hats to a niche clientele, maybe I can learn something from what he’s doing. At this point, I’m definitely clicking the link in bio and making my way over to his site.

I notice the hats, I notice a wall of fame section. I proceed over to take a look at the price tag on the various hats. $500 dollars for a fedora!! Damn, this is for the rich and famous, but they are so dope, I definitely need one of these. <Pause>

I found it, I found the secret behind a market that seems to evade me. At that particular moment, I realized that my demographic, my people, love to buy for self. Not in a traditional sense, more so the idea is “me too” rather than I love this product. No offense to the product, the point is people love to stunt and the product is a bargaining chip. The customer is looking to purchase in order to gain status more than they are the hat itself. We’ve seen this happen with Supreme, Bape, Yeezy, etc. and at an even higher level for Gucci, Louis V, Hermes, etc.

It’s not just the fact that I like it, it’s the fact that you the onlooker understand that there is value that is being flaunted. I want to project that to you. Indeed we purchase in order to picture and post more now than ever. Knowing damn well that’s what led to Lucas getting caught up. It’s hard, I get it I like to have nice things too. We unlike other culture’s consumerism, really value the tangible more than the implied for some reason. Moral of the story, buy a hat please do. But, let’s focus on being it not just looking like it.