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Architectural Intern #Prekill

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Architectural Intern #Prekill

You might notice me calling myself this for a season, I’ve accepted that that’s just how my mind works. I use motifs that allow me to relate and expand. My affinity for modern design has me in a new space in which I look toward opportunity with a keen eye on how, what, and where (who would be in there too but that’s too political for where I’m at right now). Nothing frustrates me more than good art without an attempt to connect. This motif use is my own attempt at throwing a life raft so that I don’t just become this hulled up artist creating cerebral art and being frustrated when “nobody gets it.” Luckily, I understood this early and always attempt to bridge the gap with more strength, more purpose, more symbolism. There definitely is space unexplored. Just within the tools themselves, are opportunities for expression. I’m reminded of the time I met a sculptor during an Airbnb stay a few years back. The sculptor infatuated me with tales of his travels searching for the right tools that he would use for creating masterpieces later. First off, the idea that there are people in the world doing that was huge news for me. I was super impressed by the pursuit and romanced by the career path this artist had taken.

As I take a moment to relate the lesson, I knew that building anything substantial was either a reflection of the tools used or a feat of the unique way in which the tools were utilized. I now could segment my thought to either being one who acquires great tools, simultaneously I chose to use the tools I have at hand to press forward mightily. Innovation is and has been the underlying principle to my journey, hoping that the wrapping paper gets noticed as I display my gifts. Obviously, there’s no substitute for refined talent, I’m still working towards that, but there is this added value in not only being a technician but also appearing unique in several aspects which allow others an opportunity to engage at a deeper level. There’s indeed an art to this, I’ve concluded that if I am to be a business person, my art will be at the forefront of my business’ foundation. We see an example in Steve Jobs. Would you consider him a businessperson? How about a visionary? What about an artist? We see tech understanding and attacking this idea of business living inside of culture and lifestyle. No one in 2018 graduates and wants to work for Ford, but they get cool point for working at Tesla.