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Author: Sir Walter Thizzney

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Lesson Learned

Lessons Learned

Life throws many curves, distractions, and hurdles our way and there is no escaping it.  Yet, how you react to those things can determine if and how you survive those things.  While it may not seem within your power…

Invest in yourself

Invest In Yourself

Many times we see the success come to others in a short amount of time.  We often envy that quick elevation under the premise of being taught that the journey to success is more tedious than swift.  Yet, I believe the journey to lasting success is the tedious path…

Don’t Give People Ammo

Life is a game no matter how you want to view it.  There are players who make their living off the misfortunes and disadvantages of others…

Tiger stalking prey

Know When To Speak

Knowing when to show your hand by expressing your thoughts is a skill that must be matured over time.  However, it is a necessary skill that a person must master in order to really be understood when…