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Believe Series pt 2 #Prekill

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Believe Series

Believe Series pt 2 #Prekill

The Believe Series is that of commitment.

In my late 20s I decided to move from Houston. The failed business that I was trying to hold together was slipping through my grasp like sand on the beaches I’d later vacation on. The mental anguish of knowing your failure exists and the weight of accepting such a thing. The times when it’s just you in your truth, no barriers, clear headed. The walk is much different than the talk. Ability harbored to experience the full range of business life. The depth of experience created through the journey, learning the lessons and following the clues. The conscious remembering of a occurrences during our sleep cycle. The limitations fall as our rest perpetuates into relaxation. We are able to believe in a story created by the same mind that seems as though it has given up conscious effort. Is this what we trust as our reality? Can that level of creation exist within our lives without bounds and within our own acceptance of possibility.

“Don’t doubt yourself, when you do you doubt God.” – Believe 53

Expectation is attached to our ability to believe in which faith is the outcome. A mistake is made whenever we are in search of the tangible in place of the intangible. The story so many of us accept is the idea that luck or malicious manipulation is required. There is always a component that is overlooked, left uncharted, and escapes our consideration as we prod life hoping to invoke next steps in our destiny. We can cultivate our ability to believe. Think about the goal before we know the exact route. I’ve even personally gone as far as taking a path before understanding the true direction in which it led. I do understand deeply that taking action is a key component, and that inaction is akin to giving up. We sometimes forget that mental action needs to be taken and honed in order to achieve great things. We can’t assume that the work of the ignorant and unimaginative man are the same as the inspired creative thinker. Yes of course, work is involved. There really is no avoiding that. The part that we miss time and time again is that the quality of the work performed is largely a product of the thought process behind the work. Imagine the insight you may have if you study your chosen field through the lens of an architect. You looking to construct with the best understandings and materials. Imagine the great feats you can accomplish in this. The idea is approaching subjects that hold your interest and learning enough general knowledge in order to segment the interconnected parts. We identify in this way which leads to an understanding or breakthrough. Not a breakthrough in your traditional sense, but more in the form of identifying the work to be done. Our largest effort should be that of knowing what can be done, and build on top of this understanding what must be done. The stagnations that arise are plenty for the non-thinker who subscribes to the idea that greatness is achieved through only Work, Hustle, Grind (WHG). The ability to map out a course will serve you as a key skill as you navigate both good and difficult times. The insight developed in pursuing such a life will reward you with a “You are Here” arrow in which you can understand and accept where you are in relation to how you can get there. This I admit can be painful, are you willing to uncover your potential or do you merely want to assume you are on the right path and allow destiny to unfold. If you are reading this post, I’ll assume you understand the importance of building yourself mentally. Building your mindscape in a way that is fortified and intentional. This is the facet of effort to become that is often disregarded and/or neglected. The necessity to achieve our goals based on an intellectual understanding of how it relates to a greater vision and plan is the fuel needed in pursuing the unknown. Why would we explore without an idea as to what we may find and what we are interested in finding. The world is much too large and the distractions are much more orchestrated than our ambitions.

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