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Believe Series pt 1 #Prekill

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Believe Series

Believe Series pt 1 #Prekill

This one came at one of the toughest times of my life. It goes like this.

My first real failure was when I lost my first corporate job. I had this huge triumph just a year prior. I was in college unable to quite breakthrough academically, yet I did believe in myself (mane mane) and also knew that I needed to differentiate myself in order to succeed. I dove deep into what I deduced would be necessary for me to convey in order to get a shot doing the only thing I had a burning desire to do after school.

Now at the time, I was unaware about how to break into trading. I had bad grades, no obvious connections, and no plan to put any in place. I did have a burning desire, I knew EXACTLY what I was aiming for. The vehicle would show up after I was clear on the target.

My peers would come into the Business Center hoping for help with resumes and cover letters. I was in the right foresight to get a job digging into that which I was most afraid to tackle, my resumé. I sat there across from one intimidating student after another. Cleaning up already pristine resumés, led me to notice ways I could emulate the high scoring students and increase my chances of getting what I wanted. I saw this along with other small wins that could be had over the course of reaching my goal to become a trader. I knew I could position myself, I knew I could at least give myself a fighting chance. What was it though? What was the belief I had that I could eventually stumble upon a way to get what I wanted? This idea of the unseen being as real as the circumstances I was currently in. I think we all have in us an ideal that we’ve identified as doable, but our ability to assess where we are and what is needed to move the ideal from mental to material is the key. Will we go through the thinking required to really map out a course? Can we add that idea to our arsenal and accept it as necessary in order to reach success? I believed in a process that ultimately led me to reaching a goal. The catch is, at the time I wasn’t sure what I was doing, I was taking cues as they came and following my intuition. If it worked once, don’t you think it could work again?