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Blueface Snapchat

Moment of silence.

On the dead locs.

Viral sensation Blueface has a legion of fans asking for permission to interact much further than through his music. Questions like:

What’s Blueface Snapchat? Does Blueface have a Snapchat? What is Blueface Snapchat?

The hottest single of last year came late and out of nowhere. People are wanting more of the character behind the music. This is the new era, an entire platform to connect and support outside of music. The youthful energy of Blueface is undeniable and his off-beat cadence is a breath of fresh air. His personality shines brightest amongst the youth that seem to all look and sound the same. He really isn’t trying to be a rapper as much as a game spitter. He’s really a celebrity, polite and calm, rather than a rapper. I’d even go as far as saying that I believe someone like him will be one of the first rappers to hold a meet and great without performing in the same city. I mean, this new wave of personalities have tools that add influence and connectivity. Maybe fans just want a selfie and not your album?

The result is similar to what Juvie, Silkk da Shocker, and Roscoe P Coldchain have done. We’re talking guys who have a strong name in Hip-Hop, but that mainstream appeal is either short-lived or non-existent.

Fuck all that though, Blueface is doing him and that’s the moral of the story with why we like his music. I promise, the comment sections will tell you if someone is about to pop or not. I measure this off of 3 things:

  1. Hype
  2. Adlibs
  3. Haters

When you have fire adlibs and lines in your songs, fans can’t wait to hit the comment section and post. This is the new authority. Your comment section forms a public opinion, I find myself scrolling to the comment section often now looking for entertainment value. Even more related, trolls will be on all your content saying the same shit over and over. This music game don’t give a fuck about the artists, it’s all about the likes and replies. I’ve realized how this happens now and why. Fans aren’t just listenin to Blueface in isolation like they might do with a J Cole or a Kendrick or something. They listen in order to pull quotables, in order to recite adlibs, in order to relate to other fans. The enjoyability of this music game is more cultural than anything, you listen to the artist to enjoy and relate to others, same as the outfit you choose, along with attending the concert only to record the experience and post it for others to see you were there. If it’s not posted, it don’t exist. Private isn’t the route to influence any longer. The frontrunners have the attention and the influence. We all do it mane, now I take a moment to realize the impact this has.

I noticed it wit almost all my favorite artists have some kind of slogan or catch phrase. It’s marketing, this is the Music Business.

The comment section is full of jokes. This is perfect for Blueface, this is much better than your favorite lyricist’s comment section.

It’s a combination of factors that make a rapper hot

  1. New
  2. Different Style
  3. Confusing
  4. Charismatic Gang Member
  5. Fan’s interacting heavy

I think that’s why he’s so hot right now. The potent culture wants something different and experimental but still familiar. In a scene where most new rappers look and sound the same, Blueface is standing out for the right reasons. It doesn’t matter if he’s got bars or not, that’s nowhere near the point of his music or why you probably like it. We can get real intellectual and talk about sonics, and patterns, and musicality, but it’s really simple to understand without all that. Rap music is the potent culture, we have an entire culture that plays on the senses. That’s the intangible that the world is catching up to. The advent of streaming leads to a huge opportunity for artists to go viral. Think of Lil Nas X hitting the Billboard charts with a 2min track out of nowhere. Streaming is a gauge for popularity at any given time. A direct gauge for if your single is working, is it setting the stage? I love this idea as a marketer, I love the finesse. This is where we are, we’re experiencing some of the best to ever do it.

Outside of his music being playful and fun, he’s able to offer some raunchy sexual lyrics without any backlash. He’s a proud gang member and for all we know really has lived a street life up to this point. Not that it’s a new combo, but it’s what the culture enjoys and has enjoyed for years. Every generation comes with their own embodiment of it, Blueface is bringing something like Mac Dre to the table for a younger generation. No disrespect to the legend, we ain’t bout dat, but people love to be entertained and also be told stories. This dude reminds me of the kid in class that used to always get sent to the office but never quite got suspended because of his charm. That fine line that allows character to show, it’s mischievous more than anything, that’s why we enjoy it.

Although On the dead locs is a statement more than a tribute to his fallen gang members, it’s playful and lighthearted in a way that’s got people that don’t even know what it means absolutely loving it. This is that crossover shit that makes rap succeed in places it ain’t supposed to and it’s beautiful.

I know that Blueface got something interesting he can run with. Being unorthodox and new to making music can be a positive and also extremely difficult to maintain. Blueface is about to be recording in high-end studios, gettin much better through repetitions. It’s kinda like when ballplayers go to college and new coaches start to tweak their mechanics. I noticed on his newest track Studio the sound and the cadence is much cleaner than his other music. I’m not hatin at all, I hope Blueface blows up forreal and becomes a household name. The issue is I don’t know if that raw lower quality sound can survive in 2018. It’s an industry that wants to put it’s best foot forward. I mean a better recorded song is part of their job even. Let’s see if the guys over at Cash Money West can enhance his reach without changing his sound.

We’ve all noticed it, we’ve all experienced that moment when our favorite underground artist records new music but it just ain’t the same and we can’t quite put our finger on it.

I’m not going to say this song is trash, I am going to say it’s nothing like his other music. Artists change, I get it, but nah not this early and not to take away what makes them different. Imagine the Migos without the Migos flow. It sounds like they tried to make a radio single, the problem is nobody cares about the radio anymore. Man if you understand the art of rap, there’s a reason every rapper that is at the higher levels succeeds. They stay in their lanes and offer the listener consistency on what they do best. It’s kinda like us all listening just to make sure we get what we expect from our selection. I pick certain artists for certain moods, no lie.