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Running #Prekill

I know this probably won’t make the blog section of Meditation Life but never say never. I found this discipline that helped me clear my mind and find structure within freedom. They call this getting in the zone “Runner’s High”.

Introducing Ideas pt. 2 #Prekill

The ability to redirect the biting, nagging, paralyzing fear. That anxiety that only a man who’s experienced it understands. Think about it, think about the discomfort you experience. Accept it (take it on the chin) and move forward…

The Narative #Prekill

There’s this moment where we identify, we find the thread that we are meant to pull on. We notice it, but we keep moving past it looking for, I don’t know, maybe a thread that’s even more obvious for us to pull on. Maybe one that’s looser. Here we are, in a frenzy looking to collect for no reason, when we could be understanding and crafting through our attempts at pulling on that first thread. Weeks, months, years. We realize that the thread we most loved, we most had interest in, was the one we should have focused intently on.

Thug it out Solo Dolo #Prekill

No one is coming to save you. I stand corrected…

You can come save the weak version of you that thinks someone will come save you.

How To Kill Yourself (Ego Death) #Prekill

There’s this discovery that happens below the surface. We don’t necessarily quantify it, we understand a symptom and give it a name. We fail to accurately measure the intensity therefore it’s occurrence is largely unknown. Strong, a lot, quite a bit; how can we use these words…

Still Win #Prekill

I’m weighed down with the helplessness felt by young people throughout the world. That first time they realize that not only is “it” hard. But, the only guidance “go to school” is only a half-baked generic answer that leaves us more confused than equipped. The win exists but for most I’m hard-pressed to believe that the confines of academia can truly support our best lives.

Deeper Move #Prekill

Finesse is the next level, the same thing that got Kodak Black on. Understanding how to make a move much deeper than surface level. Moving the chess pieces with a purpose. Moving the entire board if need be.

Sexual Transmutation pt 2 #Prekill

One thing I’ve learned about entrepreneurship. We don’t get to choose why we succeed, but we do get to choose whether or not we take tips along the way. I know that sex desire is natural and a beautiful thing in the right context. I will tell you that masturbation, porn, lust, and casual sex …

Models #Prekill

I am fond of feminine energy and believe that beauty is a combination of aesthetic, position, intention, awareness, and timing. Although some of these views are obvious, my affinity for an industry that doesn’t really overlap with my day-to-day world was worth exploring and bringing to light any perverse thoughts or ideas that my subconscious has.

The Reality #Prekill

Entering the realm of entrepreneurship is a dose of reality that not everyone has the strength to endure. A harsh blow that can send your ego reeling if that’s what you’re susceptible to. Preparation to clash internally, your whole existence dictated on whether you can balance the negative feelings that inevitably come.