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The Creative non-profit

Everyday, One a Day #Prekill

The repetition leads to magic in my suggestion. I like to backtest my theories, and this one really stood out. I knew in athletics that the way I leveled up was through daily activity. I like the idea of goals, but the goals don’t really do anything other than guide an action that must be taken.

Flow State #Prekill

Everyday I show up at the same place, same spot. It was a trigger, a reality for my existence thus far. There was something I could capture by waking up a little earlier, thinking a little less, and acting while the rest of my body was attempting to come online. Is this dedication? Am I …

the creative non-profit

The Creative Non-Profit

More than anything I’m here to offer a real look into entrepreneurship. The whole story, trial and error of me not only building other businesses but also Project Newsense itself. I’ll offer a true look along…

Meditation Life #Prekill

I’ve always had a healthy relationship with meditation. I guess, like so many other infatuations in my life, I was drawn to it because of the mystery surrounding it. The sub-culture of followers, the language these types tend to use, the inability to easily find a definition of what it was or meant. Taking the idea on as my own and easing into a practice placed me on a separate journey from what I was on the surface.

Death is Certain #Prekill

This is for the rebels, those discontent and somewhere between ashamed and annoyed. Those fed up with the options present and ready to disconnect in order to create a new reality. The coming of age…

It’s Never As Bad As That One Time #Prekill

Stop avoiding the imminent struggle between your current reality and the future you’re looking to create. There will pain. Rather than avoid it, let’s minimize it with smart moves. Let’s get you rich in your 20s rather than being like me and finally seeing the light in my 30s. I don’t know and don’t know …

More Death pt. 2 #Prekill

We make the mistake that our natural talents and abilities will be enough, the truth is that isn’t entirely untrue. However, we live in a connected world and will need to find an edge in our ability to market, build, brand, and ultimately transact with a clientele…

Architectural Intern #Prekill

My affinity for modern design has me in a new space in which I look toward opportunity with a keen eye on how, what, and where (who would be in there too but that’s too political for where I’m at right now). Nothing frustrates me more than good art without an attempt to connect.

Survivorable Failures #Prekill

Ok, well I think I hit the nail on the nail this time. You only lose when you run out of quarters. There is this notion of trying until you find success. It only takes one time to become legendary. The combo to the safe, the lottery numbers, Da Vinci’s code. What’s the big deal, …

Falsifying Evidence pt 2 #Prekill

Do we hold on to the style element because we hold confidence there? Steve Jobs created beauty where none existed, couldn’t we have done this? You want to be paid not popular, or does the clout really count more.