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The Beginning is the Worst Too

Will you trust the process?
Will you perfect the process?
When is enough effort, enough?

The Beginning is the Worst

As cliche as it sounds, the beginning of any endeavor can be wrought with frustration, doubt, disappointment, and resentment. As many approach entrepreneurship with…

Cultivating Genius

The highest realm of artistry for me is to be paid solely for your ideas. The execution of your ideas is vital, but your job is that of birthing ideas themselves (foundation). Finding inspiration through your very nature to create is an ultimate gift. The effortless endeavour fueled by aligning your creation with your daily …


What I mean by that is don’t forget those “outrageous” dreams and visions you had for who you could be. Remember firmly believing you would live an awesome life? Remember that sports car, that mansion, that talent or skill? Is there more to it than that? Is it shameful to have material possession included as a standard of living?

The Blessing that is Liquid DnB

My life was changed by music. Drum and Bass created a paradigm shift that allowed me to connect what I was and am to what I wanted to do with my life. I believe in the notion that art can inspire drastic changes in thought, perception, understanding, judgment, imagination, and creative energy overall. For the …

Ethics at work

To be clear, the application of effort is a starting point, the later stage of fully applying yourself with skill/strategy is what generates revenue in business over the long run. This is point A to point B.


The Hip-Hop culture needs someone to show the process, not just the rags to riches ideal that we ALWAYS have presented.
The Hip-Hop culture needs to see our ideas, attitude and mindset applied in new ways to new things.
There is a benefit in being raised on Hip-Hop (lifestyle/culture) that extends itself beyond urban constraints.
My personal experiences, lessons that Hip-Hop has taught me, the useful principles that I’ve implemented.


I had a feeling of peace within my newfound discomfort as I inherently knew that the conditions of the present would be short-lived. The torture I have put myself through in Houston was over, finally, I could move forward in a real way.