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Cultivating Genius

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Cultivating Genius

The highest realm of artistry for me is to be paid solely for your ideas.

The execution of your ideas is vital, but your job is that of birthing ideas themselves (foundation).

Finding inspiration through your very nature to create is an ultimate gift. The effortless endeavour fueled by aligning your creation with your daily flow.

There are natural urges that surround us which are creative in nature. Many of which must be embraced in order to cultivate a state of Genius.

Your mind is the most powerful weapon in controlling your destiny.

Urges and wants should never be suppressed; only redirected.

Each person must find their own way ultimately, using “training wheels” to get started but eventually taking full responsibility and balancing life independently. Easier said.

Don’t believe the beaten path, use it at your convenience.

You are already harboring choices in your subconscious before you are even confronted with situations in which you choose a path to follow.

I say that to say your personal code of conduct or morals are yours and yours alone.

Religion serves to give us a universal benchmark but in actuality, many “religious” people choose which ideas they want to follow and which ones don’t fit their lifestyle.

That said, change is not change at all.

Change only unveils something that was already inside of you and had been building until it needed to be expressed outwardly.

Many addictions and urges act as hurdles and prisons as a man seeks to cultivate genius.

*Drugs and Alcohol causes you to become dependent on an altered mindstate. Taking your mind high is amazing and, although temporarily, brings you to a superior state. I believe taking your mindset to a higher plane is a function of using your creative energies effectively. Unfortunately, many people use drugs and alcohol as a shortcut to achieve such ends when what they are really after is a permanent alteration. Everything begins in your mind.

*Sex is a beautiful thing under correct circumstances. HOWEVER,  our society has made constant thoughts of sex and physical satisfaction acted upon by impulse become normal. Redirecting sexual energy (I’ve heard Napoleon Hill refer to it as sex transumutation) and allowing it to build inside of you is what many of the most famous thought leaders in history attribute to becoming genius. I’ve experimented with abstinence, sex transmutation, tantra, and karezza. For me, it led to an understanding that sex is far different than what our society makes it out to be. There is real creative and spiritual powers in each of us, ironically reproduction is the highest form of human creativity. A human life is sacred. Why would you not harness that energy and power until it really is time to use it for the sacred purpose?

*Ego: Self-respect and ego are two very different things. Ego requires you to constantly be acknowledged, which is a sign of weakness or being unsure of oneself. Learning at its deepest sense allows you to let go of the need to be acknowledged because you are able to truthfully acknowledge your own strength and, therefore, control it. Use it over and over. In other words, tap into your power. You should always have self-respect and value the skills you posses and are sharpening. Be sure to focus on yourself as the next man may have different abilities/skills than you. Never get caught slipping because you think you are better than someone. You may be more developed or have a different specialty, but you aren’t better. To believe so is a rookie mistake. TRUST ME I KNOW.

If I had the courage to see myself as I really am, I would find out what my shortcomings were and correct them. Then I might have a chance to profit from my mistakes and learn something from the experiences of others. Had I acknowledged my shortcomings  sooner, I’d now be where I would have been if I had spent more time analysing my weaknesses and less time building alibis to cover them.

My Weaknesses:

  • Easily Distracted
  • Value opinions based on length of time known instead of sincerity
  • Overly optimistic when reality would suffice
  • Susceptible to brag because of my tendency to be overly optimistic
  • Seeking perfection instead of consistent improvement
  • Slow to act while looking for perfect circumstance before committing
  • Rationalizing my lack of consistent dedicaiton
  • Looking to please a woman instead of realizing that she also is less than perfect
  • Selling myself short due to lack of more wealth
  • Dwelling on disappointment until it occurs more often than it should
  • Defending alibis instead of acknowledging and letting go
My Strength:
  • I’m a thinker by default
  • I identify laziness as soon as it creeps in
  • I’m an introvert but able to talk to anyone
  • Ideas and concepts galore
  • Same purpose as my birth was
  • Driven; I don’t even understand how or why but I’ve always had it
  • Always learning, even within my entertainment
  • Focused on my craft (trading)

What does all this mean?

Genius is the digging that leads a person to stand out as they operate at a high level.
Every topic/subject has a potential for genius to enter. I’ve seen business, culinary, design, art, technology, philosophy, athletic, and spiritual genius.

Genius allows you to exercise creativity and leave a mark. One thing I’ve always admired about creatives is this skill can be applied anywhere and in unexpected ways. Only requiring the focus and effort to make it through the mundane and generic learning that lies on the surface of ANY topic. As one moves forward through understanding, day after day building a knowledge base in which to innovate, we inevitably focus on our interests and strengths.

Idea: A child often decides he wants to be an “athlete” before deciding to be more specific on which sport. A writer might choose a genre only after first learning the alphabet, word meanings and uses, maybe even establishing a “voice”. This requires trial and error, the constant consistent effort.

Cultivate from the broad. Learn the natural principles. Build your unique Genius.