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Death is Certain #Prekill

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Death is Certain #Prekill

“In their caution I found my courage” – Robert Smith

This is for the rebels, those discontent and somewhere between ashamed and annoyed. Those fed up with the options present and ready to disconnect in order to create a new reality. The coming of age that happens for us black men is a joyous occasion. I’ve learned that we fit into one of two camps in most instances. Very aware of the pressure we fight against responsibilities forced on us, or we refuse to acknowledge the need to change as we find ways to drown it out. I chose to fight while in college. With the looming pressures of graduation and showing signs of promise I decided that I would shift my focus toward the job I wanted and away from the duties of being a good student. Something had to give, I decided to focus on the destination and not the journey. Here I sit, perplexed as I run the risk of disappointing those I love once again with my rash decisions.

I know how important this book may be, I also know how important being independent, being in position for building upon the businesses that I’ve already created will be. I share a screenshot with my negative balance not to glorify the struggle, but to offer it as a truth that none speak of in our community. “You shouldn’t share that” they say. I don’t care to uphold an image anymore. The goal is success, that means we find humility quickly, rather than have it forced on us as we hide a temporary weakness from the public eye. What really is there to discourage? Death is certain isn’t it? I’d much rather put my life on the line to live rather than perpetuate the inevitable. This labored that we sign up for, we really put our all into is not meant to be painful or hard. We can choose to enjoy the process. Seeing difficulty or hard times as signs rather than setbacks. When we know what will happen and then it happens we are much less reactionary, and much more relaxed as we travel through the rough patch.\

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