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Deeper Move #Prekill

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Deeper Move #Prekill

Doing more with less.

Working hard ain’t the game anymore.

Finesse is the next level, the same thing that got Kodak Black on.

Understanding how to make a move much deeper than surface level. Moving the chess pieces with a purpose. Moving the entire board if need be.

So much of a win, we don’t trouble ourselves with the idea of movement, of hustle, or grind. Yes we will need to work diligently on our daily tasks in order to reach the levels we want. However, I think that mental ability, mental heavyweight, and the inclination to think rather than act. Holding back on acting just enough, but never so much you procrastinate. We find greatness in this way, we find our niche through looking for our niche. We are taught to first appeal to the masses. We know that this isn’t the way, but we oblige for some reason. We wear blue jeans and T-shirts because it’s what’s available and it’s what makes sense. We see others, we follow. We don’t ask why, we learn later to ask why.

Taking an approach, taking a route, creating wins instead of forcing them.

Getting comfortable with the shift, this is all coming from a recovering workaholic. I promise I thought I would magically have dollars appear in my account through hard work alone. I fed into the lie, I didn’t want to find mentors, strategy, a better way. I wanted to work all day every day. I didn’t want to take a moment to read or take a night off to clear my head. Quite frankly, I chose not to think because I knew how easily I could go down the rabbit’s hole. I knew that I would reach the end of the day, look at my workload (not my thoughts) and conclude that I could have gotten much further beating the tree with a dull blade. That’s sarcasm.

The biggest issue isn’t the mental v. physical work argument. The problem is one of trusting that thinking is a multiplier, while your work as an individual is limited.