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Ethics at work

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Ethics at work

Self-help is garbage.

Seminars and workshops are “feel-good” in nature and often provide temporary hope at best, but the lack of consistent follow-through is where the rubber meets the road so to speak.

One of the most comprehensive lessons I’ve learned as an entrepreneur has been CONSISTENT APPLICATION.

HABITS can do one of three things for you:


The reality is that the odds are out of your favor. You already know that #1 is what you want to avoid the most; and I know I don’t want to stay the same year after year, so #3 won’t do.

So we are only left with #2

But slowly improving is tough and can often be CONFUSED WITH MAINTAINING CURRENT SITUATION 

Let me explain…

When you are really making gains and improving it may feel like you aren’t improving fast enough. However, you also can’t improve at a rate so slowly that you fall into a trap of merely maintaining or you may lose the momentum to persist (I mean we are all human and need to feel like the effort is worth it). This idea of momentum has been around as long as we have been. Although it is a natural law, it was not acknowledge by human beings until 530 AD.

But wait there’s more…

The only way to break through the rigors of slowly improving  and not falling victim to trying but not getting anywhere at all, AKA travelling forward at 0mph, AKA maintaining current situation ….isCONSISTENT APPLICATION.

This is the magic bullet. It puts the Hard in Hard Work.

But why is this, why is it hard? You must constantly apply effort not only equal to that which you did yesterday but, even a little more is necessary in order to improve.

What I’ve realized is that coming up with ideas for business is easy.

Putting together a team is fairly easy.

Writing a business plan, buying office furniture, building a website, ordering business cards… all of this is easy.

Talking about it, thinking about it, planning it, designing it – Easy.

The difference between a business that makes money and one that doesn’t even pay the bills is CONSISTENT APPLICATION.

To be clear, the application of effort is a starting point, the later stage of fully applying yourself with skill/strategy is what generates revenue in business over the long run. This is point A to point B. This is how you take action to make money either rendering a service, goods, intellectual property, or providing value in some form or fashion. The problem is we always want to know more, want better odds, want better tools/equipment, there’s always a reason why starting now and promising yourself consistency would seem to be a bad idea to the procrastinator.

How successful your business is can be measured by how consistent your application is.

*Good News* Consistent application is only a habit disguised as a personality trait.

In addition, it becomes automatic once you turn it into a habit.

In my business life, I’ve had a few good habits replace several bad habits and watched my bank account grow overnight…

Next time you say someone is lucky or they don’t deserve success because you feel you are better than them, think twice. That same guy that may be a racist, negative, bad-mouthing jerk may have great habits that outweigh his inherently bad habits, traits, and attitude.

Money doesn’t car what kind of person you are, money flows to those who play the game correctly.

Maybe that same guy knows how to invest because he has the habit of reading the business section of the newspaper and has been since he was very young.

Maybe that same guy wakes up at 5am every day to plan his day soon after he’s done reading that article.

Maybe that same jerk saves 20% of every profit/paycheck/$gift he’s ever received, which allows him to invest after using, better yet, consistently applying what he’s been gathering about investing after reading for all those years.

You see principles work regardless of who you are in your personal life.

The real question: Will you get past the hard work stage of whatever goal you are looking to achieve until it becomes a habit?

It’s crazy how the magic bullet ain’t magic at all. It’s as basic as they come.

Habit could be something extreme or it could be something minuscule.

From brushing your teeth to Kobe’s famous habit of MAKING 800 shots before calling it quits for the day.

You choose your level of success based on what your version of “normal” is.

Get yo mind right, but go CONSISTENTLY APPLY yourself before all else.

I don’t get impressed by the guy who goes hard one time. Let’s see you push yourself to find a high level and sustain it for a week, then a month, then a year.

HOMEWORK: Choose one positive thing you enjoy that you can do daily (e.g. study, music, art, training, reading, etc.).  Commit to 30 days of discipline. Every day for 30 days do the same exact positive thing of your choice. If you miss a day, don’t trip. Just start over until you finally can reach 30 days in a row.

God luck


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