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Everyday, One a Day #Prekill

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Everyday, One a Day #Prekill

I stumbled onto this theory of exponential growth that has me not only intrigued, but also feeling invincible. The idea is simple enough, if I can do a task once each day, every day. There is no way that I won’t improve and become skilled (i.e. See results) in what I’m attempting. The repetition leads to magic in my suggestion. I like to backtest my theories, and this one really stood out. I knew in athletics that the way I leveled up was through daily activity. I like the idea of goals, but the goals don’t really do anything other than guide an action that must be taken. The movement does a few things:

1. Apply knowledge immediately.
2. It allows you to take a moment to understand what the path looks like. ‘
3. You to level up through your daily activity.
4. Your appetite grows and now you’re in a rhythm that can really increase your output.

There’s a certain benefit to gaining the clarity of how to go about accomplishing tasks.

The tools outweigh the task. You earn the tool. You use the tool. You become a craftsman.