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Life boils down to moments…
The moment I was given, by the infinite intelligence what I refer to here as Spirit, the assurance that I had made a good decision in leaving Houston was one of the highest points in my life. I had realized in my evolved mindset that I was coming off of many months of “enjoyable” pain.
I had a feeling of peace within my newfound discomfort as I inherently knew that the conditions of the present would be short-lived. The torture I have put myself through in Houston was over, finally, I could move forward in a real way.
The belief that life will eventually match your thoughts if persisted in is alive and true to the fullest.

Each of us architects of our own thoughts, the mind controls 60 trillion cells making up a complex network of functions in your body. Never to be underestimated, the world’s strongest, most mysterious computer.
Life is beautiful for me now because I believe it to be. Yet, I remember when I was down in the dumps, constantly living in my past causing me to have a life of agony and regret. Fueled largely by dwelling on present conditions and past shortcomings (funny how you forget your amazing victories when you are struggling). The blessings disappear quickly when you decide not to acknowledge them. But so does the pain…
Whether positive or negative, your overall disposition will guide and create your life before your very eyes. This isn’t some hocus pocus or something that hasn’t been discovered until today. This is real only because I personally read two books and they totally redesigned my thought process and ultimately my path.
What happened to me was not a new occurrence, it was merely a reminder of the gift of the Spirit inside of me…able to create much more than my current level of intelligence can comprehend. Furthermore, my strong today becomes my weak tomorrow. This can’t happen from the physical human effort. You must increase your thoughts: imagination, belief, focus, and concentration, to the point that you win. Your mindset creates opportunities, you stand-out in a peculiar way because of high levels of focus, concentration, and desire to be somewhere better than you are.
The tools used of the Spirit are:
  • Willpower (Sustained Mind)
  • Desire (Want but not attained yet)
  • Discipline (Acknowledge and let go)
  • Imagination (Vision)
  • Confidence (knowing in Spirit)
  • Faith (Lasting Confidence)
These ideas are all based on the personal experiences I experienced  from late July 2014 to Early December 2015.
I literally did nothing  in my daily life other than read, meditate on what was read, and follow the instruction of those readings. I spent hours in this learning cycle, I knew it was real because it was never work for me, it was my choice time and again to go work on my future self. I sought to understand and match the thought process of the author, not assume the publications were perfect.
  1. Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill (email me if you are interested)
  2. Thoughts are Things by Prentice Mulford (email me if you are interested)
These two books evolved my mind by opening me to endurance and control of the Spirit residing in me which had been stagnated as I made the common error of using my 5 senses more than my 1 all-encompassing Spirit. Now yes, I learned specific skills and processes to push myself forward, but I also applied them vigorously and immediately in a quiet desperation to do better. 
Man is not without error this is key, even a billionaire is not “perfect” at business. He seeks principles and strategies that will influence the outcome favorably.
All those blessed with a sound mind, the key is to understand the thought process of true success. I remember searching like crazy spending most of my free time in my early 20s reading magazines and books on entrepreneurship and business success trying to understand better what it was I needed to do to succeed and get real money.
When you look online most of the time you see numbered lists with topics ranging from attitude, habits, apps, college major, etc. This is what we all naturally want to see; a process, a definite road map, a quick way to address something that most people never quite achieve, true financial success and freedom as a result.
Your Ego will tell you so many lies, but finding ego and understanding the fragile condition that it’s rooted in within our narcissistic society is the key.
Use your ego to propel you with confidence. However, don’t let your ego guide your actions. Success is about balance, this I’ve struggled with and definitely was made to learn the hard way that you must recoup energy and when you use it, you must focus it.
“It is said that the Great Learning is the gate of elementary learning. Whenever you go to the house, first you go in through a gate. Therefore, the gate is a sign that you have reached the house. Going through this gate you enter the house and meet the host. Learning is the gate attainment of the Way. Therefore, knowledge is the gate, not the house. When you see the gate, do not think it is the house. You have to go through the gate to get to the house, which is inside, behind it. Since learning is a gate, when you read books do not think this is the Way.”  Miyamoto Musashi – Book of Five Rings 
It is not the knowledge you lack… It’s understanding… confidence and discipline multiplied.
The discipline to look for answers when you come up against a roadblock, the habit of investigating so deeply that you uncover the true source of success in anything. The discipline of digging and compiling information only to form new and better hypotheses at each turn. If you habitually truly apply anything, you soon understand deeply. Birthed from confidence and discipline.

Use your thoughts to cultivate your mind. The habit of positive thoughts and beliefs charge the mind. Not everyone agrees and that’s fine but there’s a reason that a list of steps will never work. The mind, spirit, thoughts, metaphysics, all these are topics that many don’t want to discuss because of the amount of mystery and lack of cause and effect style proof.

Let your Spirit take control in creating that which you desire. These thoughts may be beyond where you currently are but trust the process. Your future self will thank you for it!!!