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Falsifying Evidence #Prekill pt 1

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Falsifying Evidence #Prekill pt 1

Our people have turned into investigators. We need evidence.

It seems no one can play it low and accumulate. Our propensity for flash has us broken and lost. The culture is the culprit. It’s gotten to a fever pitch where many of us imitate those that seem to be winning. The nation slowly pivots the spotlight over to questions of mental health. The delusion, the byproduct of this new pressure experienced by more instances of inadequacy that face us. Let’s be real, the issue is our input has multiplied exponentially while our self-image has been taxed with the task of constant comparison. What is value in this new world? Can we really find a balance between aspiration and reality?

I struggled with it myself for some time. Back when I started my first business I would assume things would just magically work out. I put in the hours, I tried hard, I stayed positive. I was special right? Jordan Hill the guy that led the wave not only in being fly but also decoding the matrix that so many of my counterparts fell victim to. I was here to save the day and go back to lead the way afterwards. I was Harriet Tubman for those that fell for the 9-to-5 trap. The ego is a mother ain’t it. But why, in this era of perpetrators and wannabes do we still have issues with this in black culture. We want to be it, we never really want to become it. There is a huge difference that has far too long gone unnoticed. Why is it so important to be fly? So important that we don’t lay the proper foundations? Why is it so likely for us to stagnate or worse kill our dreams with delusion? We know it’s never immediate or easy yet we expect our natural ability will be enough to get us from zero to 100. Our world is more hip to the play than we are, the illusion is so orchestrated that our dollars are extracted through slick marketing and we are put into position to feed the lies that perpetuate. The actual achievement of such positions we seek to achieve seems to be an afterthought in most instances. The term “must be nice” becomes a part of your mental framework. Ain’t nuthin nice, the higher you climb the deeper and more profound the sacrifice. Ever taken a moment to realize the lack of flash associated with the business titans of this and past generations? Your first thought might be like mine was, these dudes just don’t have any kinda style, no swag, no flavor, zero, none. Does it still matter though when billions are in question, when feeding your fam for generations is in question?