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Falsifying Evidence pt 2 #Prekill

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Falsifying Evidence pt 2 #Prekill

Do we hold on to the style element because we hold confidence there? Steve Jobs created beauty where none existed, couldn’t we have done this? You want to be paid not popular, or does the clout really count more. Is there more value in perceived status than actual status? Will we even remember all those seeking to be remembered? Tattoos and dyed hair. The motif agreed upon, now safe, now an identity within culture but outside of the normalcy of civilian life. Our world is more concerned over reach and influence now. Your digital world is dictated by reach and influence now. You may not have read this if I didn’t start on the path of growing my IG accounts. I may never have had a voice without putting in the work to allow you to find me. If a tree falls in the forest… More concerning is I could have created this platform not necessarily in order to make meaningful change or provide quality content. The time spent sharpening the axe was curtailed by each pause I took to document it. So many seek and gain attention to feed ego, no other reason, the skill is sacrificed. No value add only extracting your own precious time watching it as you download the norms and recreate them in your own posts. Rich in our ability to add to our distraction quotient. Our minds have been manipulated to encourage recognition over intuition, fame over fortune, and delusion over actuality.

I’m as guilty as you. Do I really want to build Project Newsense into a success for my own ego or to help my people? Am I rich, no. I seek wealth, I don’t have it materially just yet, however the life I’ve chosen has me on path. I know this as I reach certain goal posts. I lied, I appeared more affluent than I was, I played up my reputation, I puffed up, foolish pride had me stubborn. I found pride in the pain at some point. Many are still stuck in this phase, at some point we reject the age old story of having nothing and hitting rock bottom. The only reason to be there is to climb out. Instead I suspect some of us have their egos stroked in the idea of somehow being tough enough as a survivor of hardship. We aren’t all entrepreneurs, we all are able to create better situations either through positioning ourselves or cultivated skill. Oftentimes, we succeed in one and lose ourselves as we neglect another key aspect. You gotta play both sides of the court. The truth is there is no need to do it all well, we do need to be willing to cover all the bases early though. As I’ve learned in my latest consulting assignment, as we find better fits for our skillsets, we easily transition into areas that are not only more lucrative but also more geared towards specificity.

The athlete is hired to play for a coach.
The coach is hired to work for an owner.
The owner doesn’t risk injury and potentially has a much longer career.

We want to be the athlete
Our slavery has captured our imagination
We laugh at Sean Combs’ attempt to own the Panthers

Although there is seldom chances for royalty checks (i.e. Passive income)