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Filters of Race #Prekill

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Filters of Race #Prekill

This idea of white rapper is something I’ve struggled with tbh. One of my favorite rappers is Aesop Rock a highly skilled white rapper. I also enjoy Action Bronson. There’s this moment when Eminem comes out with an album and MGK disses Em and G-Easy that I start to say to myself. What the fuck is going on wit these white rappers?

Not like in a negative or racist thing toward them. I’m more concerned with the fact people still separate these people. I realized my own insecurities when I got into my relationship with Kitty. Forced to confront my own prejudice, I still struggle with the idea of white rappers as if the art form wasn’t already worth holding in high regard before Em came through. That’s me admitting my shit, now your turn. None of the prejudices we have matter until we won’t acknowledge them and then go on to realize we should chill out with acting on those acquired views. It’s like having bad breathe, you either realize it and avoid contact so you’re not exposed. Or you act like it’s all good and proceed to speak to people as you typically would, if someone offers you gum don’t get offended. You chose to act like having bad breathe isn’t a problem. Racism works in a similar way. We all have had bad breathe before, that’s not the issue. The issue is not addressing it. No, the answer isn’t to bash you and guilt you into shame of ever having had bad breathe. The game is much bigger than that. Unable to standardize a benchmark for what bad breath is, we are very much screwed in our own understanding of what is acceptable and what isn’t. An analogy of course, but damn this idea has gone so long because of the intangibility of it. The measurement with no metric. Am I being racist? Am I being prejudice? Why is it wrong? These are those tough questions that are easy to answer in theory. I try to understand my own prejudices and work from that standpoint when I assume it’s no problem for Nike to take the stance it has of recent. I also try to empathize with those that feel disrespected and hurt by his actions. Even though it doesn’t make sense to me, I still attempt to see the issue at hand. I also acknowledge that there is no good side and bad side in these opinions. No one is right all the time or bad always. No one is allowed to be willfully ignorant of this juxtaposition either. These are matters that regard our humanity, and it doesn’t matter what race or sex you are, we all deal with prejudice… or not.