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Finding My Niche #Prekill

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Finding My Niche #Prekill

I knew it would be different. It felt like I was wasting time, but I was proactive in thinking about an angle that really fit me.

I’m frustrated that it took so long. In the same breathe, I learned the patience to not care how long it took.

There were massive amounts that I had to unlearn in order to move forward. It’s funny how clarity becomes a close friend once your daily work doesn’t solely involve making a dollar. Of course, we’re in business to make money, but we are also in business to create at a level that protects our ability to make money. I think of Steve Jobs and realize time and again that he now has a trillion dollar organization, one that was rooted in creative design. This spells curtains for the Wall Street types that are more concerned with results and will forego the deep dive necessary to reach a state of mind in which creating is the goal. This age old separation between art and business is being questioned. But I’m not talking theory, we have evidence that art can create business success and will continue to do so into the future. Some of the largest companies today have to do with play, leisure, and access. Let’s think about it: Uber, Facebook, Apple, Google, Snapchat. These are not hardcore business companies that make things for consumers, or are they? This new identity makes for a very interesting look into technology and it’s role in changing the culture around business, consumerism, and products or deliverables.

When I began with Project Newsense I wasn’t quite sure what the company could morph into. I heard stories of tech companies that evolved to reach their target over the years as well. I definitely don’t consider us a tech company, but I definitely took cues from what I’m seeing happen now in order to build the software that we are soon to launch. It’s a testament to the fact that sometimes we know there is a way, but we don’t quite understand the “how” or “what” we will be able to create to fill the void. With the accessibility of the internet, and the ability to work for just about anywhere. We are experiencing a shift of consciousness in what it is to build a business, what counts as value (followers?), and payment timing (one-time, monthly subscription, use).