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Flow State #Prekill

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Flow State #Prekill

Everyday I show up at the same place, same spot. It was a trigger, a reality for my existence thus far. There was something I could capture by waking up a little earlier, thinking a little less, and acting while the rest of my body was attempting to come online. Is this dedication? Am I good enough? I wanted to devote my life to my work, because my work was meant to save lives. This How to Kill Yourself idea came about as a necessity. I’ve seen what stuck looks like. I want to offer a way out, my way, but nonetheless, another option on the table for this specifically. There are so many ways to find financial success. There are so many ideas of what success is. Did we forget them, or do other forms not offer sufficient resources for us? Taking a moment to develop something else. The flow state that exists as a phenomenon but just as legitimately agreeable as a possibility. That movement without it registering. I’ve experienced it right here, sitting to type these ideas and losing track of time and space. Never due to some special talent that I have control over. Rather a conscious choice of repetition.

My newest goal being, find several things that I can become repetitive in pursuing. Can if fit them into this realm of repetition so that I can ultimately find flow state? Earned expertise, a route that becomes unique after taking a known route enough times. It’s exploration inside of a framework that we’ve already determined.

I watched an interview with the legend Rodney Mullen. He hit the nail on the head when he mentioned the hours of practice in which he would appreciate skating in a way as an extension of his creativity, deriving a new language (tricks) that others could then use and benefit via self-expression. We don’t create from this selfless space by accident. This is for sure a very interesting space to inherit and one that Seth Godin says is tantamount to business success in the years to come. We are positioning ourselves for the future when we create from this space. The uninspired business archetype has his days numbered. We live in the specifics, because the specific is the only place that matters as long as our world continues on in this fashion.