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Go Get Food #Prekill

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Go Get Food #Prekill

There is this point in which you must accept the loneliness of entrepreneurship. The reality that despite your not being ready, equipped, informed, or comfortable you will still need to earn money (i.e. Oxygen) to keep going in your endeavor. Business is only one platform of course, but the idea can be transferred to any pursuit you may have going on that is in flux. I recently attended a business conference held by my friend’s company Profit Factory In which he profoundly stated “no business is perfect, nor will it ever be problem free.”


Not sure exactly why, but that stood out as something I really needed to hear. No art, yes business can be defined as an art, is ever perfect as perceived by the creative. This idea that we can work toward some moving target, be content, and also be realistic about the survival focus needed to keep playing the game, is a blessing in and of itself. The mentality that playing the game often is the goal rather than finding some hack, or shortcut is the main thing to address here. To truly love the game aside from the added bonus that money brings creates a certain magnetism that just about anyone can sense. We practice how we play, obviously we’re in business to create profit. The obsession becomes building a strong healthy business rather than immediately consuming the byproduct that good business creates. Hopefully this reaches you as you are open to the idea. There’s a certain mastery of craft that can translate to fulfillment financially and even a step further into more meaningful realms. Let’s not get it twisted, most people start a business endeavor to get money, and not necessarily from a standpoint of outlet. This is something that become very apparent for me when watching the Elon Musk x Joe Rogan interview. I noticed that this approach of outlet can be much more liberating than the broken idea that money is created and some passion exists solely around doing anything in our power to collect it. We’ve actually been plagued with this idea to the point that many have no passion or purpose because of the blindness that ensues when this approach is primary.