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How To Kill Yourself (Ego Death) #Prekill

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How To Kill Yourself (Ego Death) #Prekill

A tight rope 30 stories high above the busiest intersection of the city

Discussing the delicate balance of presenting horror without the spectacle of gore.

Distinguishing the difference and making it apparent.

There’s this discovery that happens below the surface. We don’t necessarily quantify it, we understand a symptom and give it a name. We fail to accurately measure the intensity therefore it’s occurrence is largely unknown. Strong, a lot, quite a bit; how can we use these words to describe an occurrence. The very unknown that we haphazardly quantify is where opportunity exists. A chance to explore and uncover, like some emotionally charged scavenger hunt. How much of a direct hit can you achieve? We live in a time of new targets that weren’t once available have become attainable.

The difference isn’t doing, but more so the intention now has space to thrive. People are attuned to the nuance now more than ever. This is largely because we have so much more of the mediocre available, the unique stands out. I know that hitting on this idea of evolution. The drastic shift that each of us is presented in early adulthood, the ability to not only acknowledge that we must let one version (teenage) die in order to be fully alive in another. That friction is real, but our strength comes from our ability to let go. I found letting go such a liberating feel. Such an exhilarating accomplishment to not approach change with our guard up. Starting points tell us the clues we need in order to uncover the extraordinary.