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Introducing Ideas pt. 1 #Prekill

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Introducing Ideas pt. 1 #Prekill

1.a Self-reliance

1.b Drive over motivation

1.c Rhythm over habit

1.d Confidence built from discipline

1.a I’ve experienced the cop out of waiting. We blame others when all that is really needed is self-reliance. Yes you need people, but if you have a teammate that’s holding you up, build your team elsewhere.

1.b Sustaining our desires is imperative. Perhaps the most telling characteristic in my opinion. We assume motivation or habit can take the place of internal drive. I’ve learned that it can’t, the passion mixed with will creates a drive that can’t be explained. A drive that must be acknowledged as the most basic of needs in order to sustain during the journey toward deep goals. Getting into a rhythm through good habits is a win of course, but there’s so much that drive has afforded me that I can’t pretend it hasn’t played a huge roll.

1.c You will have off days, but is it natural for you to keep moving? Do you feel off when you miss 2 days in a row? I’m not talking about beating yourself up, just does it feel unnatural when you don’t do something? If so, that might be your passion.

1.d The ability to create discipline is a win and the mark of a strong character. The moment you understand the power you harness in this way, you become a true holder of power and destiny. Your confidence builds and you know that for the time being, you are unstoppable. Being confident is sometimes cocky, but never let someone dial back your confidence, only cockiness, know the difference. If you don’t know, learn it. Confidence and cocky are the same almost, one is internal the other is external. Play them both at the correct times.