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Introducing Ideas pt. 2 #Prekill

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Introducing Ideas pt. 2 #Prekill

The opportunity to find passion and drive within your daily activity is the blessing. Facing defeat and using courage to fight through your failures without any sign of letting up or delaying progress. Take your blows on the chin. Understand your opponents power, and proceed. You find a lifestyle of loving the process, loving the journey, the destination then begins to grow as a possibility unfolds. You are on cruise control and somehow become obsessed with creating the perfect stride rather than merely hoping for money enough to survive. The shift is sudden and remarkable. I went through it recently, it tool me 30yrs to find the sweet spot. I’m definitely not saying I know the shortcut, this isn’t a “get rich quick” pitch. On the contrary, it’s more like “get rich?”

You can go for it from a standpoint of treating it like a long-term game. An art form even. Your life no longer is constrained by a need for capital. And as we all know, when desperation disappears you approach things a bit differently. Relaxed and unprovoked by that fear, it’s like you’ve tapped into a reservoir of creative energy. The ability to redirect the biting, nagging, paralyzing fear. That anxiety that only a man who’s experienced it understands. Think about it, think about the discomfort you experience. Accept it (take it on the chin) and move forward onto your next starting point. What if you could take that, harness it and put it into a project, an endeavor, an ideal. Not a business, a hustle, or an MLM thing. Redirecting the energy instead of being afraid of the how. Literally starting by harnessing your energy and aiming it better. Notice how I didn’t say perfectly, or with a grand plan. The pain mostly comes from too much advice, from too many sources, with too many different ways to begin. Just get started.

I’ve learned that the best way to begin is not the same as the way to perpetuate.

Sorry it’s not as simple as plugging in a formula that will work into perpetuity. I look at it as no different than aging. Our teenage years are a certain way, then our twenties see a shift into adulthood, and our thirties seem like a completely different life than what our teens presented. Just like our lives, the journey of finding success in regards to our deepest dreams and desires, there are phases and paths that come available as we are on our way. In large part due to the distraction we call over-planning. The discouragement of skeptics isn’t going away. Hold you cards close. Our own inability to sideline negative self-talk is hindered when we spend too much time with the naysayers. This all plays into whether or not we begin in the first place.