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It’s Never As Bad As That One Time #Prekill

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It’s Never As Bad As That One Time #Prekill

Stop avoiding the imminent struggle between your current reality and the future you’re looking to create. There will pain. Rather than avoid it, let’s minimize it with smart moves. Let’s get you rich in your 20s rather than being like me and finally seeing the light in my 30s. I don’t know and don’t know if wisdom is worth anything to you but, the journey allowed this book to happen so at least I have that. However, outside of my love for my people, I don’t believe the struggle I endured did me more good than harm. I do feel privileged to have come to the conclusion that pain doesn’t mean gain in the realm of the mental. With that, any pain endured doesn’t need to exist in order for us to feel that we are on the verge of success. This isn’t self-loathing, rather a cautionary tale. I’m merely stating this in order for you to realize that my purpose is to show you the long way. I don’t know the short way, if I did I would have exercised it in my own life. Still true, showing is proving and true understanding requires application.

Wait, what? Yeah, you heard me right. I can only show you the route I took, this is the honest truth of my journey. I believe you can improve upon it and push the needle to a new extreme if you dare to try. Is it worth it? That’s another grey area, it depends on who you are and ultimately why you are doing it. I have dreams of creating a team of young entrepreneurs of color. All of them winning and able to say they were able to take shortcuts because they heard Jordan Hill’s story. Not to say that it stops there, I know my contribution will be unique because my approach has been in crafting the experience we call HTKY. The stories are everywhere and so intricately woven into us as we already are. Nothing is special, only a few things sacred. The library will be full of books, I want your story in those books too. I swear it takes a certain type to see the vision and also go after it. So many feel overwhelmed and decide to disengage. This feeling of overwhelm, this feeling of helplessness, this feeling of lack, of discomfort, that’s what we keep labeling as depression. An unease, literally why they call it disease, the mind only needs to be recalibrated for this type of sickness to subside. We live in a world that is requiring us to ball before we even learn how to. “Tryna 360 up the middle, you ain’t even learn to dribble” – Shante Franklin

The pressure is there now more than ever. The expectation that leveling up happens randomly. This isn’t true. You learn a way and then you earn the lesson. Oftentimes merely completing the lesson isn’t enough. Trust me here’s the example. The work isn’t going to do itself, on the other hand, the pain isn’t going to dissipate unless you do the work. So you tell me, which route do you choose? How do you want to approach this process? I’m being pushed to my edge in writing this book. I know how important it is for this text to be on point. I accept the patience. I don’t care if it takes 3000 tries and I’m labeled a weirdo, a loser, an outcast for trying to get it 100% right.


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