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Lessons Learned

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Lesson Learned

Lessons Learned

“How you react to friction can determine your resulting position.  For you will either be calloused or sharpened depending upon the elements you harken. There are no losses in a lesson as long as the lesson isn’t lost.  Every day is an opportunity to improve, maintain, or degrade, so decide if you will shine, be dull, or throw shade.”

Life throws many curves, distractions, and hurdles our way and there is no escaping it.  Yet, how you react to those things can determine if and how you survive those things.  While it may not seem within your power, you have a choice in how you react.  When faced with challenges you could allow your insecurities and fears to navigate your movements. Or you can draw from your confidence, determination and internal fortitude to allow them to lead the way.  The first option will only give you a chance to survive, while the other guarantees your triumph.  When you find the lesson in the loss, you gain value.

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