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Life #Prekill

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Life #Prekill

Family’s a blessing, if it’s anything. I learned that lesson. Taking it that way. Went through a lot of suggestions and stressin. Whenever I decide to take a path whenever there’s ones carved along the way. I understood, I dug underground tunneling like Harriet Tubman. Damn man. I didn’t realize that it could be much more than I planned. Defined by the journey itself the whole time. Defined by the stress. Defined by the agony. Defined by, what yo life’s like during yo last breath. Defined by them times you sat wit your homies you haven’t seen in a long time, and told them all, they agreed that time flies.  – Believe 87

The lifestyle element that sits with us, waiting for our acknowledgment. In letting go of your mind you gain freedom. The safety of putting in the effort. Not physical effort, the mind needs to be appointed. The mental laziness hurts the busy body. The lost leverage of the mentally lazy. Knowing how to position oneself for an efficient route to target. Taking the correct step once you establish the ability to work consistently. Finding better routes rather than taking only those that make themselves available. Take those that are available and comparing, contrasting. Application gives us the answer, uncovering the best is key. We learn to dig and this is a huge difference. The skill offers itself in our lives in many ways, it’s utilitarian in nature. It’s the master key we seek to unlock a life of meaning. How far it goes, how deeply it probes into our existence is our biggest determinate to our use of the unique existence. Further into the niche, further away from the mediocre. I’ve found that our uniqueness will save us, the world is too inundated with same for us to make a bed there.