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Lose to Gain #Prekill

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Lose to Gain

Lose to Gain #Prekill

Let go of what you think you know in order to grow, we can’t find a need to establish new rules and parameters if we can’t let go to gain. We make room for increase before we increase. Our subconscious plays a roll in the orchestra, our intuition is fraught with instances of conflict due to contradicting signals. Now more than ever before, we are presented with opportunity and decisions that can overwhelmed even presidential levels of multi-tasking. The rhythm itself is a lie, our inability to lose in order to gain has halted our advancing. Do we have the mental fortitude to couple wants with needs.

The distinguishing characteristic can translate into the discipline known as discernment. Think about how our tastes can ultimately determine where we end up. Coming from the Middle class we are often told that having any sort of discernment is undesirable. Your preference is somehow connected to your graciousness. It couldn’t be further from the truth. As we maneuver through the world making decisions that determine our very existence we do well to keep certain things in our life while strategically removing the likelihood of certain instances ever coming true. Silence is as golden as ever, I can’t emphasize enough how beneficial finding quiet can be for those who feel the pressure of multi-tasking and the over-stimulus of modern life. We subtract distraction to gain clarity.

This is a temporary timeout for any loss that must occur in order to make room for some other possibility. What we forget, is that nothing is forever, we can find the right tools at the right times if we so choose to approach our minds with the flexibility of decision rather than relying on instincts that, for a large part, have been manipulated to make us the ultra-consumers we are.

The blinds are shut, it doesn’t mean no one is home. Our finest hours could be those in silence, our most defining actions could be birthed just outside of deep thought. We will find the time and energy to be who we wish and do what we wish, sometimes to do more you must let go of what’s no longer suitable.