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Meditation Life #Prekill

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Meditation Life #Prekill

I’ve always had a healthy relationship with meditation. I guess, like so many other infatuations in my life, I was drawn to it because of the mystery surrounding it. The sub-culture of followers, the language these types tend to use, the inability to easily find a definition of what it was or meant. Taking the idea on as my own and easing into a practice placed me on a separate journey from what I was on the surface. An athlete, a hip-hop connoisseur, and JDM enthusiast. I was already this hodgepodge of hipster back in 2003 when I first stumbled upon meditation. I would sit and visualize a positive yet uncertain future. It all started at Frank’s Tanks in Lawton, Oklahoma. Hell, the job itself was very peaceful. I was in charge most days, lounging if I wasn’t helping customers or keeping the place tidy. The sound of all those pumps servicing the walls of salt water tanks was soothing to say the least. In many ways it was a precursor to my steady work in isolation and even my preference for Liquid Drum and Bass as a background music while working.

Anyways, I decided years later in 2017 to try and run and online store focused on meditation. I wasn’t really sure how that was going to work, and I admit that I experiment with different ideas often on how to best interact with the community I’m creating. This is all coming on the back of a coach I met and later employed who was selling MAGA hats and profited $60k while pretending to be “Julie”. I found it comical and decided well, if I can open a meditation store and keep my identity under wraps, maybe I’ll have a shot at reaching a certain demographic (think Starbucks soccer moms) and that could be interesting and profitable at the same time. Now, the truth is that I couldn’t just jump in and make $10k in 90 days from dropshipping on Shopify. I know, it sounds like I’m about to lean into the “woe is me” rhetoric, but oddly enough I am glad I took the course and also glad it didn’t work as advertised. There’s the point I reached in which all I wanted to do was find my next starting point, unconcerned as to how are why I got there. The real path was forward and I had to keep that in mind. This is a hard hard lesson for many as you switch from consumer to owner. No, this isn’t about letting con men off the hook, this is about not allowing other’s to control your destiny. Hard pill.