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Mental Heavyweight #Prekill

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Mental Heavyweight #Prekill

I say this a lot so I guess I should explain

A man’s mental strength is the real gold. I guess you never hear it spoken of as the deciding factor, but that’s it.

The knowledge of becoming is the same knowledge that knowing is made up of. I feel like I’ve always known, not from a narcissist’s POV. More from an understanding that I cannot live a life leading to nowhere, if I don’t reach my potential then I’m doing all this for nothing. I can’t have that, I won’t accept it and I’ve been at my lowest already. Fear isn’t the problem, doubt is the culprit at this point. Why? I’m a confident person, but my business life hasn’t panned out in the lucrative way I imagined. My family is behind me, my days are spent working diligently, but do I really believeI don’t have the luxury of rock bottom twice. I’m doing this to show what can be done. But largely, before it happens. I know that Project Newsense is a billion-dollar Non-profit. I know that my profit margin is of such that I can give away 40% of the profit and still be profitable. The playing field has shifted. I know that it is key that I become the trader that my heart has set out to be. But I also realize that I must become the man via Project Newsense. I can’t let the ego destroy the impact inside of me. My people don’t care about others anymore. The idea of celebrity is dying (J Cole), the replacement is know-how. The truth is dependent on my ability to transfer success. The effort expelled doesn’t get any response, no respect. I hold it together through my ability to maintain focus. I lose the worries, not through naivety, but rather through learned capacity. To hold what needs to be held and let go the useless. We change with the seasons, not everything that seems negative is to be discarded. We dig into the information, this requires discernment. This is the type of discernment that leads to truth. The truth becomes clear and we connect dots outside of our conscious field. We become smarter through intention and action. We represent the strength that we seek before we attain it. We exercise faith and belief in order to reap the benefits of faith and belief.

Ain’t shit sweet, then you get a toothache.