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Models #Prekill

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Models #Prekill

Our society is led by it’s senses. The beauty of HTKY: Prekill and the body of work that surrounds it, we know it as advertising in most contexts, is that our mind isn’t as certain what the reaction should be in the space and context of where the ads are seen. I haven’t grown to the point (yet) of having billboards and physical ads, but I am very much excited to share the thought behind my vision for the ads you have seen. I am fond of feminine energy and believe that beauty is a combination of aesthetic, position, intention, awareness, and timing. ‘

Although some of these views are obvious, my affinity for an industry that doesn’t really overlap with my day-to-day world was worth exploring and bringing to light any perverse thoughts or ideas that my subconscious has. I am very much aware of the delicate emotion that exists when someone is able to see a building for instance and feel absolutely connected and entrenched in a love for the privilege of being in that structures presence. I know it can borderline gaudiness, but I am only speaking from my own view on why fashion models, landscapes, and structures have always had a certain appeal to me. I feel that these muses exist for us to not only experience with our sight, but also ponder them as our minds take a moment to process the impact or lack thereof. So little is spoken of in the masses in regards to ideas that are less and less definable as to what there inherent value truly is. I’ll probably rewrite this soon, but I wanted to get the beginning stages of this idea regarding the intangible as unfathomable in our lives. Behind the curtain of what survival is in our current culture there is an unexplored territory that tells me that the value of intriguing and holding these senses is one that only those that intend to create it can. I’d like to be amongst those that understand through application. My rush to compete in an invisible game has me energized.