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More Death pt. 1 #Prekill

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More Death pt. 1 #Prekill

I reach a plateau only to realize that there is more to overcome. I’m not talking about in order to reach some lofty goal like $1m or $10m I’m talking about in order to get for $0 to a livable income. The importance of this stage is where I feel the truest breakthroughs exist. How can we reprogram the process to create a journey of stages rather than some 30 day get rich quick scheme? Do my people really want a business that creates a cashflow or do they want to hit a lick. Is everything as temporary as it seems? Is the idea of automated income too far from a reality for my culture? Does everyone respect $1m as a lump sum only? Anyone interested in $1k, $10k, $100k, monthly? Does the progression get any love? I’m excited to win in this way. I’m sure that I’m not alone in my feelings of uncertainty before starting the journey. I heard of people making unheard of amounts of money through online businesses. I was initially attracted because of it, I was intrigued by the depth of possibility in mastering the process.

My path came here for a reason, I know that our preconceived notions deter us. There’s more death needed to build self into my potential. The new information is now my responsibility, this is the new standard. Outside of creating our own reality there exists a responsibility that has for a long time been forfeited to others that are deemed more capable than ourselves. We sometimes enter situations hoping to get paid, not to earn pay, but to “get” pay. Our slanted view can deteriorate the responsibility gene early on when it comes to finances and money. I’ve seen grown men that were practically helpless when confronted regarding financial responsibility especially in regards to creating a sustainable cashflow. I’m going to call it a certain helplessness that exists. Hear me out. Our confidence exists beyond a shadow of a doubt in sports and entertainment. But for some reason we miss our mark in matters of Finance typically. The delusion runs rampant, peep Denzel’s character in “Fences”.