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More Death pt. 2 #Prekill

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More Death pt. 2 #Prekill

We make the mistake that our natural talents and abilities will be enough, the truth is that isn’t entirely untrue. However, we live in a connected world and will need to find an edge in our ability to market, build, brand, and ultimately transact with a clientele that is inundated with choice. Do you honestly believe that your packaging doesn’t matter still? Even in being the best in talent/quality/skill your success ultimately lies in marketing yourself to a niche effectively. Our objective in building in this new environment starts with quality materials, maximizes in technique and ultimately converts via marketing.

For so long I remember feeling like marketing was one of the lesser business skills, a place where those that were less capable ended up. I was sadly mistaken. Marketing and sales are where the rubber meets the road. This is where the value that has been built and accumulated finally converts. The glamour the glitz of being catered to, being left alone to work/ball/record etc. Those days are over for us as a people. No more disconnect, a large part of the art will be the structure of the deal. The reason Birdman is my favorite rapper is largely due to the deal the created with Universal records back in ’98 (Perhaps Slim should be my favorite rapper). They put the whole team on with the stroke of a pen. The pen is mightier than the record. Juvie killed it with his first single of course, but without the proper paperwork in place, that record would have only got them popular but not paid. We always seem to take that deal though. I’m glad Birdman flipped the script. We have this inclination to be seen as the man rather than be the man. We know all the best players in the NBA but we don’t know the best team Owners. I don’t at least. I know all the best rappers, I listen to their records and interviews. I don’t know the owner of IG, Snapchat, etc. I didn’t listen to their interviews or understand their story. We talking about Millions v. Billions here but we focused on what we see. We lack representation in the internet space not because we aren’t there or lack ability. We need to understand the idea that the playing field is closer to level than it once was. Our own stereotypes in terms of aspiration are outdated and due for reexamination. Recalibrate, understand that our habits are informed by our rhythm. More on this later…