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My Ego almost destroyed me #Prekill

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My Ego almost destroyed me #Prekill

Jealousy has no place in a man of valor.

It’s this healthy balance of competition that can show up as jealousy left unchecked.

I’ve experienced it, checked it, and handled the feeling.

The strength of others is not the weakness of myself.

So many years, the coping mechanism was to turn a blind eye.

The cover-up for this self-doubt, this town ain’t big enough for the both of us.

I’ve always represented the top spot, the pinnacle. Regardless of what or where others saw as my place. Make no mistake, I was meant to cover a certain amount of ground. Stuck in this competitive nature, it spilled over from sports to business, and traces of it have made themselves known in a spotty social life with others.

No I don’t want to be friends, I want to compete.

I remember when it reached a fever pitch in ’11 my focus was on Real Estate. What I didn’t account for was the need of people in the core of the business model. The price I paid was one that made me. I can’t say that I’m as proud of the route as I am the outcome. Seeing success as a diminishing commodity, some limitation that doesn’t exist. We create these ideas and they serve as distractions. Yet another reason for us not to reach our goals.

Just a distraction disguised as something else. The best ones are always identified outside of what we thought.