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Negro Stay in Your Place #Prekill

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Negro Stay in Your Place #Prekill

I try my hardest to not use the black card.

The understanding that there are internal and external factors that must be weighed when navigating is undeniable. We live in these pockets, SDE always. It might not be for you, but if it is here I am. This isn’t a sob story about oppression, slavery, systemic racism, or bigotry. I realize those things are very real, I don’t believe in asking though. This pressure to conform exists for every human being. The amount of time it’s gone diagnosed within black and latino communities is astounding though. When does it occur that entrepreneurship is more than business? Empowerment is more than necessary at this point in time. Finding my footing I assume that others could too, but in some ways I’m even more naive than those that decide not to attempt. The honest truth of going for more life, more resources, more opportunity is that you need help. The type of help that comes from guidance yes, but also the help of financial stability while building a system. I think many people fall victim of the active v. system income game. Getting a good job is not the end of the money story for you if you need resources for your family and community. The more important piece would be that of putting in place a system that creates income and thus wealth while you sleep. I’m not saying that laziness is the goal here, what I’m saying is working hard for a passive income is much more beneficial than working hard for an active income.

If you’re already aware of this but thinking, “well still that doesn’t help” then I admit you are indeed correct. What would serve as much more beneficial would be the ideal situation in which we cut through what could happen and focus on reality. Here it is. An active income is more dangerous than a schedule 2 drug. Very much addictive, able to dictate your life, and damn near impossible to stop without intervention for most people. This coupled with our inclination towards immediacy has me realizing that money without cashflow is almost useless. Before you accuse me of overcorrecting let me say that large lump sums can indeed be invested in ways that create more cash later. But this is indeed an issue, without cashflow that investment can render itself useless for present consumption. The alternative being that you can invest in a system (i.e. Business) that would essentially create an income that you could live on while you invest your active income. I struggled with this for years, hell I still do til this day. I realize the freedom that is at stake. I ready myself to go on the journey. I’ve been here for a while now, hopefully the tools I’ve discovered will be of some use to you.