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Playin #Prekill

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Playin #Prekill

Hardly ever recognized, those hours wasted while we are at work but not in work. The moments I struggled with in Houston.

The energy drinks that got me reved up for nothing. Caffeine addiction, porn addiction, running addiction, all of it pointing to procrastination addiction.

The avoidance because I never wanted that work, only the fruits of the labor. This is what happens when you work for money rather than legacy. The realization that we learn how to work and then our work becomes great. We work on understanding and applying what it really is to work in our specific endeavor. For instance, I read about a writer I admire, Hunter S. Thompson and I realized that my creativity doesn’t come via the same processes he used. I watched an interview with Joe Rogan on creativity and flow states in which Steven Kotler mentions his habit of waking up early and writing for many hours daily. Indeed, if you are a writer you write. If you are a athlete you train. If you are a musician you make music. And so it goes.

Instead we play so much that we create mountains out of molehills, as my Grandmother would say. We hustle backwards, we lose strength in our purpose.

Our time and energy dissipates into nothingness. We lose creative energy uselessly. A man’s great work is called his seminal work for a reason (if you catch my drift). If only we would have just enjoyed our work and built our capacity to the point we add our personality to it. We are led towards the allure of money instead of the allure of building what we can live in and be proud of. “That’s how we do it big enough for us to live in it.” – Shante Franklin