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I’ve discovered that reason is greatly related to the magnitude of success.

So often dreams and plans are crushed by discouragement. You’ve got to have a reason that can’t be shaken. The reason that isn’t affected by any victory or obstacle as you embark on your journey. Here are a few reasons for me creating this blog:

  1. The Hip-Hop culture needs someone to show the process, not just the rags to riches ideal that we ALWAYS have presented.
  2. The Hip-Hop culture needs to see our ideas, attitude and mindset applied in new ways to new things.
  3. There is a benefit in being raised on Hip-Hop (lifestyle/culture) that extends itself beyond urban constraints.
  4. My personal experiences, lessons that Hip-Hop has taught me, the useful principles that I’ve implemented.

I vow to never be unrecognizable, my strength comes from my culture, not turning from it, as if I am ashamed of what got me to this point. This rebellious, troublesome, noisy thing that the world knew as Hip-Hop has a place, and has made itself a place that is far bigger than any boundary or constraint anyone ever placed on it. The most obvious are the disconnect between Professional America and Hip-Hop as a culture. Once a minority is driven culture, we now have individuals from all walks of life that know the music and have adopted the culture as a way of life. It’s often said that Hip-Hop is the most influential culture as it transcends age and race to make a unique impact. Even with this, only in the context of entertainment has Hip-Hop been accepted.

I learned early that what I do within the culture and who I am outside of my culture don’t need to differ, I am in business, but I don’t have to step away from my most connected inspirations. I have a desire to have Rap Artist’s to be able to be mentioned with an air of dignity. Why if Shakespeare, Thoreau, Hemmingway, and others have been mentioned as classic figures, can’t any sort of artist of the highest calibre be mentioned?

My early experience of the culture, the music, and the fashion piqued my curiosity and subsequently led to my delving deeper into this fascinating world with a language all it’s own. Little did I know, this same process of discovery, research, self-education, and application would become the process that defined my hobbies and career path throughout my life.

The rebel attitude, the decision that rules can be broken if your idea dares to replace and set a new standard. If you can withstand the ridicule and disappointment of rejection as you express yourself through your chosen medium. The constant feedback loop in the Lab, taking your ideas and recording them as they come. A mere thought becomes a masterpiece. The concept of making money from a recorded idea. The reassurance that your ideas are valuable.

My confidence and drive are a product of my early understanding that I would absorb the experience of Hip-Hop I had and apply it to other aspects of life…specifically business and trading.

Entrepreneurship is Hip-Hop.

Creating through what’s available.
Creating something new from something many would disregard.
Creating through an unorthodox approach.
Creating something beautiful from what some consider a mistake or malfunction.

This is Hip-Hop.

The foundation is internal.

We forget time and again as we try to attribute achievement to 5 senses.

The ability to combine experiences, ideas, and processes. The creative space, is the tool I’ve sharpened.

There is a connection – a knowing that can’t quite be quantified. The thing that allows you to give your gift at the highest level is beyond what we can see, it’s more a product of constant relation and experimentation until the best vision emerges.

A measurement with no metric. The Newsense.

Why would you not give back to a culture that has given you such a foundation… or even a way of life? Sometimes the best gifts aren’t the most literal. What I mean here is, the input type doesn’t need to necessarily match the output type. We have freedom in how we manifest through our creative spirit. We have thoughts that are bigger and broader than what is produced.

Why would you not proceed with vehemence to give to your family, your flesh and blood time, energy, and resources just as they cared for you when you had no means to do so?

Success is measured by what you give.

It’s all relative… some say money isn’t important. It may not be to you, but it could buy a family member or friend transportation, a hot meal, housing, or much needed medical assistance.

Self isn’t always the benefactor, our personal opinions don’t always consider the community.

There is abundance in this world and you should experience that intervention God provides to those who ask, seek, and knock. We fail ourselves because we don’t believe.

Abundance begins with reason in my opinion: Your reason fuels you as you do what you gotta do so you can do what you want to do. If your Reason is beyond selfishness, the hard days won’t cause you to lose your way.

Renewing the mind is the biggest gift and a surefire way of moving in a positive direction. The renewal in this instance is the remembering of what your Reason is, and living in that at all costs.

I know what it is to win by any means. I know what it is to never lose. I will always win because I recognize opportunities as checkpoints. My Reason can’t be fulfilled if I don’t complete my tasks set out. This is simple cause and effect. Now I ask you, what’s your Reason?