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Running #Prekill

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Running #Prekill

Active meditation is a thing still.

I know this probably won’t make the blog section of Meditation Life but never say never. I found this discipline that helped me clear my mind and find structure within freedom. They call this getting in the zone “Runner’s High”. It’s something beautiful when the pleasant surprise of meditation offers itself when you least expect it.

I feel maybe this is residual effects of a lifetime devoted. Then again, I could give some profound explanation as to why it works the way it does, the truth is finding this experience doesn’t happen without first being open to it. Basically, to the extent you experience euphoria when you hit it just right, you can experience pain and joint damage from years of wear and tear. I discovered Ultra runners when I was in Midland Summer 2013. I remember reading about these people that would run for 100, 200, even 300 miles straight. To say this intrigued me would be an understatement. This sparked a new interest in running, this added element of mental stamina truly had me wanting to experience it for myself. The idea of taking yourself beyond a reasonably fathomable limit and doing it several times over the course of a running career is something I feel can be applied in other areas of life. This all comes back to business, it always does for me. This push to intertwine concepts. Those at the top tier of business would tell you the same. They are merely ultra runners amongst other runners. No they don’t have 2 hamstrings or 6 legs. The mindset is the difference. What’s a lot for you may not be much for others and vis-a-versa.