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Sexual Transmutation pt 1 #Prekill

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Sexual Transmutation pt 1 #Prekill

Yep, we’re going there.

Whether you want to call it no fap challenge, sexual transmutation, or even celibacy. A major key to creativity, vitality, and mental energy is holding out sexually. It’s been sad that there are 1000 drops of blood in a single drop of semen. After years of struggling with sexual lust in all its forms I’ve decided to write this article as a warning to the youth. Drugs and alcohol are seen as problems, sex and masturbation are never discussed or seen as a hinderance to development but let me tell you. Everyone has their vice, mine was sex. I know it seems taboo and I’ll probably get a ton of sideways looks for opening this discussion but, I don’t care. I do care about the youth knowing that sex is not bad. It has a place in our society between consensual committed(married) adults but the practice of sex rather than making love I wholeheartedly disagree with. I’ve experienced sex in my studies of tantra and I admit that the connection that was created between me and my lady has been a beautiful bond. I will say the other side of sex is one driven by physical lust and detachment which creates a horrible whirlwind of wanting more sex but needing love and compassion. I hope this post is appropriate for sex ed, I hope that some teen reads this and realizes that the desires and natural urges we have aren’t to be made ashamed of but rather directed towards creativity and accomplishment. I first read of the phenomenon in Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill. At the time I wasn’t sure what to make of it, but over time I realized that he was 100% spot on. We need the energy and vitality that celibacy creates, but we are unsure if it is worth it in most cases because of a lack of concrete proof. I will say that I feel stronger, clearer, and more able when I began on the path of celibacy. I do know that success is somehow attached to discipline, and the ability to navigate a sexually charged world while simultaneously conserving oneself is a task worth completing. No different than those that abuse alcohol or tobacco, I would find porn or sexual photos in times of distress or when I felt I needed a break. The trap of working alone and from home is that you can easily be ensnared in this and similar time wasting activities. We justify this type of activity, we know it’s not good for us but we do it regardless. We sin again and again sometimes asking for forgiveness and sometimes not.

Masturbation is bad for your health as it deteriorates your well-being. You develop horrible traits from this one bad habit. Just think about it.

It will drain you of your life force. It will cause a young man anxiety issues and lower energy. It’s a dirty little secret no different than a drug addiction that you hide from your family. Plainly stated, your semen is life energy. In it contains your DNA and therefore your solo act is a slap in the face to reproduction and evolution as a whole. I’m even of the camp that believes you should never ejaculate unless you are hoping to have children. I know that may make many people uncomfortable, but that’s what the act is for isn’t it? In tantra I was able to learn that the sexual act is separate from the orgasm.

You’ve got to quit forever, sex is a horrible master. All religions detest it. The act is a horrible substitute for the loving connection that happens between man and woman. We find ourselves when we accept and act on eliminating the bad habit of masturbation. Sex obsession and compulsion is a horrible byproduct of masturbation. If you’ve ever wondered why you struggle, this is it. I’m sorry to be so exact, but sexual energy is vital to your success as a creative and entrepreneur. I’ve struggled with it personally so I’m here to tell you that once I stopped porn and masturbation completely, I was able to find success finally. I don’t know exactly why this is such an important part to our existence but I can guess. Our semen is our life-force. Our ability to accumulate and hold wealth manifests itself in our ability to accumulate and hold our semen. Don’t take this lightly please, it’s a topic that so many stray from, but I’m here to tell you how important it is to change your ways from pleasure seeking to building your life as a man of honor and courage.