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Sexual Transmutation pt 2 #Prekill

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Sexual Transmutation pt 2 #Prekill

One thing I’ve learned about entrepreneurship. We don’t get to choose why we succeed, but we do get to choose whether or not we take tips along the way. I know that sex desire is natural and a beautiful thing in the right context. I will tell you that masturbation, porn, lust, and casual sex don’t get us anywhere but rather hold serious creatives and entrepreneurs back.

Your vital force is either busy creating more of what you spilt or creating your life’s work. Overindulgence in sex (having sex or masturbating outside of procreation) is a sure fire way to mediocrity and failure over time. I don’t like it either, but it’s the truth. I wish that the good feelings of sex meant something more than temporary pleasure. I do know that celibacy is looked at by many as the trait of a weak man when it is in fact the opposite. We don’t need sex, we want it. Our society and the average people among us pretend like it’s an accomplishment. The truth is, the admiration of the opposite sex doesn’t come from sex but rather personality and impressive skill. You don’t want to be the guy that has sex with all the ladies he can. You want to be the guy that ladies are attracted to and want to be around. In order to play that role, you must have something others don’t. That something is control and discipline of your sexual life. At some point a man understands that the joy of knowing you can is much greater than actually doing. The joy of having the discipline amongst those that lack it is a huge accomplishment. We create from semen, we magnetized people and opportunities to us when we build this energy inside. It’s like an aura that we form through being different in this way.