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Shiny Ball Syndrome #Prekill

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Shiny Ball Syndrome #Prekill

Clearly there’s an attention span decline. While we sit hoping to gain the entire world at our fingertips. Our focus and attention are more diverted than ever. The digital age alone could be blamed for the average attention span of a human. But, the reality is much more elementary than blaming the times. An overall lack of discipline has created an environment in which less people read and more expect to be infatuated for short periods. A society that is obsessed with hustle quotes, and motivational memes. The rewards are more apparent than ever, the routes have grown faint with each passing day. I’ve noticed this phenomenon more lately than ever. Although it seems there are more on the playing field than ever, the reality is that there are only more lined up at the starting line and not many truly on the journey required to build a business. We all do it, I spent years buying courses and hoping for some insight or shortcut to assist me in building steadily. Instead, I only met my own required journey with frustration, pain, and confusion. The long way is indeed the shortcut. We load up on all these possibilities quite easily, but when its time to execute we need to be able to exercise focused discipline to see it through. It’s almost as if we are at a buffet loading up plates, then we sit down to eat and adhere to a strict diet only eating certain foods. The idea itself is counterintuitive in the sense that many people don’t shift gears in that way.

Even more don’t value or understand the benefit in doing so. Our society is not one of holding back or saving. Instead we are consumption heavy and more gratification and acknowledgment seeking than ever. So, what is shiny ball syndrome? It’s the inclination to jump toward ideas and opportunities based on them being hot at the moment. The latest and best example of this is Bitcoin. For me it’s a legit business opportunity, and therein lies the difficulty of calling out the fault in it. It’s not so much what you are attracted to as it is how easily you can be distracted by the latest greatest. What many don’t realize is business and life in general are about choices and inevitably sacrifices. We can’t pursue every interest, but so many try for a lifetime. Even fewer take a focused approach and develop the type of concentration needed to leave a mark in their field. This is why Shiny new ball syndrome is so deadly to the ambitious. Being an opportunist is par for the course in entrepreneurship, however, there is a measure of discretion that seldom is spoken about. For some reason starting is the hurdle that most entrepreneurs struggle with, the idea of having too many ideas is what I would call a silent killer. My opinion is business should be an extension of your life. Pursuing opportunities that naturally interest you rather than those that are more driven by immediacy. For me, I listed all my interests and the result was Meditation Life. I didn’t know what I would sell, I didn’t understand the market or the demographic. I only knew that I enjoyed meditation and that I believed it was time for me to dig deeper into that interest in my personal life so why not create a business around it? It really was that simple. Create a business you love around something that you’re drawn to. Don’t worry about popularity on the short term. Understand what you are willing to dig into and pursue that alone in order to avoid the need to jump. You can remove yourself from shiny ball syndrome with this tactic alone.