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Where have these gone?

Why do they matter?

What is a standard to you?

How you want to live  vs. How do you demand you live?

Example: I want a mansion, a yacht, and a gorgeous model girlfriend that I travel the world with vs. I demand a roof over my head, clothes on my back, and enough money for food and gas each month.

This is a mismatch, what you want is not what you demand 
Keep your child-mind.
What I mean by that is don’t forget those “outrageous” dreams and visions you had for who you could be.
 Remember firmly believing you would live an awesome life? Remember that sports car, that mansion, that talent or skill?

Is there more to it than that? Is it shameful to have material possession included as a standard of living?

What do you Need? Ask. Seek. Knock.

Standard = Needs

Needs are relative to the individual. Standards are created and become Needs.

I need to survive vs. I need to thrive.

I need necessities vs. I need necessities and extras.

I need a J-O-B vs. I need to be my own boss and have freedom.

Every person will choose their own set of Needs and Wants. The same drive that tells you that you need to eat today can be the same drive that says you need to take a step towards your ultimate goal today.

If you don’t hold tightly to your standards, your needs will lessen.
You will be led all over by the media, news, and society as a whole. Or even worse… “circumstances” – The world’s #1 dream assassin.
A fair warning: This idea of need can even pop up in the form of distraction.
  • The world needed iPhones led to…
  • The world needed Facebook led to…
  • The world needed WiFi led to…
  • The world needed Netflix led to…
  • = New Standard ways of life for the average middle to middle-upper class American
My point distraction can be designed so each one feeds into the next. Please understand that the world has no right to tell you what you need (i.e. how to spend your time and money). You allow it at your own peril. Once your needs are manipulated your standards change. We’ve seen this happen whenever there are talks of Gay and Lesbian rights or minimum wage adjustment, there becomes a change in what is Standard and this gets under people’s skin. The more manipulative approach is, and has been for some time, a gradual introduction of Needs that steers consumers into adopting new Standards without fully realizing it until it’s too late.
What’s difficult for some can be easy for you. How intelligent you become, how designed your life is, your level of detail and attention can be varied and manipulated at your will.
What’s your Standard?


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