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Starting Points #Prekill

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Starting Points #Prekill

The real blessing is having a place to start.

Our human spirit dies the moment we feel hopelessness.

Our war is one of attrition. The enemy is strong, our ability to regroup is paramount.

How many times will you regroup? Is there a limit? What’s yours?

“But everybody’s different, you won’t know how you react
Til you in that position, and that’s an actual fact” – Nasir Jones

We’re only as good as our latest starting point.

In sustaining the will to win, we learn to identify what it takes to win.

The ego is nowhere to be found once you reach the truth of beginning.

We are always influx, never can we accept stagnation no matter how comfortable it seems.

Understanding that inaction can cloak itself in strategy, due diligence, priority, etc.

Call it what you may, a starting point requires exploration.

The type of exploration that results in uncertainty and doubt.

We avoid this because it can be very uncomfortable.

A veteran is comfortable being uncomfortable.