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Strategy #Prekill

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Strategy #Prekill

Robert Greene’s 33 Strategies of War still holds a special place in my heart.

Those long hours spent reading, contemplating, writing, visualizing that part of my life started around that book.

I was so dedicated to finding a path back then, so interested in possibility that circumstances where an afterthought. Focus was greater than circumstance, little did I know, this allowed me to brave the harsh winters that would hit me in ’12-14.

Circling the idea of being what I wished, this thing called trading and enjoying what I was doing. Letting go of how and just being focused so intently for a time on what. This was while going to school, I admit that I put that on cruise control as I spent the majority of my intention in my future. I spent a large portion of those college years chilling and daydreaming as I read luxury magazines on haute couture, travel, Timepieces, Architecture, and Trader Monthly.

I remember that it was a lot like cruise control. I didn’t particularly want to go to the book store as much as I did, but I was drawn to it in a very primal way. It was something like a treasure map, I knew that if I just kept exploring that I would find my way into this world.

My 20s were spent there, alone. Learning what I cared most about, trying to understand why and how I could be the difference I wanted to see. That black HipHop kid that could show the world that genius existed in this particular culture and it didn’t only show up as entertainment. I really felt this urge deep down. This need to prove after coming from a competitive rap world where I never felt that I really had a true place. I knew there was real intellect behind the bars I penned at my peak. Accepting the challenge while I leveled the playing field. Increasing my breadth and applying what I learned about patterns in rhyme to patterns in charts. I knew that graduation was creeping up on my peers, I knew that I had a shot because of my accumulated efforts to breakthrough. Without a way, I was faithful that one would be carved.

Having the balls to do it, seeing the angle, and taking the shot. Same shit, different platform. Same nigga, new environment. I was ready for the job, they weren’t ready to quell the rebel. Right… maybe my strategy was a little further off than I was prepared to admit.

So if y’all hear my plight

And if you think you can make it this far without a fight

Couple mistakes here and there not always right

But I’m always real that’s how I sleep at night – Sean Carter