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Survivable Failures #Prekill

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Survivable Failures #Prekill

Ok, well I think I hit the nail on the nail this time.

You only lose when you run out of quarters.

There is this notion of trying until you find success. It only takes one time to become legendary.

The combo to the safe, the lottery numbers, Da Vinci’s code.

What’s the big deal, keep trying – You’ll win.

We don’t seek to survive, we seek to win. The way we win is slightly slanted in the approach. We believe that trying is good enough. Excuse me, trying a lot is good enough to give an excuse.

The trying that I’m hoping to convey is a step beyond our desire to cover our failures. This idea that failure should be covered, the thought that stops us in our tracks. This thing called failure, a distraction that keeps us trapped.

The open gate is on the other side of failure. This new version of trying that exist. Our job is to fail and survive long enough to get a clear shot at trying once our vantage point is better. We don’t seek to not try, or try again from the same standpoint.

We need to advance and try again.

I found this idea of not working daily in order to advance. Instead, I took time to devour information and ideas that were related to approaching hard things. Difficult exists, only because we don’t yet have the tools or we have the tools and don’t know the use of them.

Fighting to understand starting points, accepting a path that is much higher and a creation that exists outside of our current awareness.