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Sustainability #Prekill

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Sustainability #Prekill

My philosophy comes from experience, I can’t say enough that you will find a way to work hard much faster if you find a way to work daily first. I’m not talking about starring at your screen, or having a friend over to talk but not implement. There is such a fine line that exists between putting in good work and assuming this macho 80-100hr work week stands for something outside of feeding the ego. It was a hard lesson learned, I’ve earned the right to share it here. I heard an interview with Firas Zahabi in which he talks about the virtues of working out constantly rather than to the point of exhaustion and soreness. I used it, and got very strong over the course of 2 short months. We’ll see what effect it has on me over a longer term as well. We don’t need more Kamikazes, we need more ability to show up for shorter, focused periods of time, often.

Imagine starting any endeavor, you will be very bad at this new thing for some period of time. The more exposure you have to that new pursuit the quicker your novice stage will dissolve. You will become better as that novice layer dissolves. Therefore, you will begin spending more time in your new interest. This is the path of exponential growth. I don’t believe it is healthy to spend large amounts of time in the novice stage. Most often you’re not able to conquer new interests without really digging in, and therefore your results will be less than good. Do you think you’ll be able to motivate yourself to wake up the next morning after a burnout approach? More importantly, putting in the same amount of effort after an experience like that? Ok tough guy, how about 5, 10, 30 days in a row? We’re human, you will wear yourself down psychologically quicker than physically. We need to take baby steps early and often to get momentum, as we start growing our stride lengthens and our muscles twitch faster, and the next thing we know we are thought leaders in our field largely because we took the time to realize that consistency is the sustainable and true way toward improvement. Effort will be added naturally over time as we actually get good at what we’re starting today and doing every day.