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Flow State #Prekill

Everyday I show up at the same place, same spot. It was a trigger, a reality for my existence thus far. There was something I could capture by waking up a little earlier, thinking a little less, and acting while the rest of my body was attempting to come online. Is this dedication? Am I …

$500 Hat #Prekill

As I looked deeper into his page and paid close attention to his marketing I noticed that most (i.e. all) of his photos featured black people many of them celebrities. I thought to myself this is awesome, this dude is killing it and selling these dope ass hats to a niche clientele, maybe I can learn something from what he’s doing.

Negro Stay in Your Place #Prekill

Empowerment is more than necessary at this point in time. Finding my footing I assume that others could too, but in some ways I’m even more naive than those that decide not to attempt. The honest truth…