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The job I want costs money, and yours probably does too #Prekill

I recently was forced to began another job search as I struggle to build Project Newsense and Meditation Life to a point that would allow me to take this whole Social Entrepreneur route to freedom. After having a few false starts I’ve been humbled to this point and accept it as just another divot in …

Deeper Move #Prekill

Finesse is the next level, the same thing that got Kodak Black on. Understanding how to make a move much deeper than surface level. Moving the chess pieces with a purpose. Moving the entire board if need be.

Negro Stay in Your Place #Prekill

Empowerment is more than necessary at this point in time. Finding my footing I assume that others could too, but in some ways I’m even more naive than those that decide not to attempt. The honest truth…

Cultivating Genius

The highest realm of artistry for me is to be paid solely for your ideas. The execution of your ideas is vital, but your job is that of birthing ideas themselves (foundation). Finding inspiration through your very nature to create is an ultimate gift. The effortless endeavour fueled by aligning your creation with your daily …