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The Reality #Prekill

Entering the realm of entrepreneurship is a dose of reality that not everyone has the strength to endure. A harsh blow that can send your ego reeling if that’s what you’re susceptible to. Preparation to clash internally, your whole existence dictated on whether you can balance the negative feelings that inevitably come.

Survivorable Failures #Prekill

Ok, well I think I hit the nail on the nail this time. You only lose when you run out of quarters. There is this notion of trying until you find success. It only takes one time to become legendary. The combo to the safe, the lottery numbers, Da Vinci’s code. What’s the big deal, …

Work/Life Imbalance #Prekill

The less than ideal interactions I end up having after too long outside of my work. The work becomes a necessity, the life that surrounds it I can take or leave. I wondered for the longest if I was guarding something.